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3 reasons NOT to include jokes in your PowerPoint!

When you’re trying to earn a lot of money, we often hear that it is essential to employ humorous presentations. Although you may not be into the business, a bit of humour will help you get your message to the right audience.

If you are presenting before an audience, humour should be among the biggest tools in your toolbox for speaking. It’s easy and quick for some (the fortunate ones! ). However, the majority of us must do our best.

Some speakers resolve the problem by rushing to the closest Barnes & Noble and plopping twenty dollars to purchase a massive book entitled 1,001 Sure-Fire Jokes for Every occasion. Then, they stroll back home (in the world I live in, people walk often) and are finally happy to have the “humour monkey” off their backs. Memorize a few of these babies and impress you at the next conference!

Um… I’m not sure how to convey this, but I can tell you that this will not work. If you’re lucky, do you think you’ll be able to count on luck when you’re standing in the middle of a platform with 500 eyes looking at you with a blank stare?

What’s the issue with jokes? What am I saying to almost all the speakers I talk to that jokes, generally speaking, do not work?  If you are looking for good jokes, funny joke or deez nuts joke don’t forget to read our blog now let’s dive into the topic

The following are three reasons to consider:

1. The majority of people can’t tell a joke

Do you remember hearing someone try to make up an absurd story, only to sound like the following: “Okay, there were two guys as well… but there were three guys, and they entered this bar. The bartender then says, “Hey, Fred… Oh, the first one’s name is Fred, and the bartender recognizes the name, Fred. Also, he wears a parrot on his shoulder. However, you’re not supposed to have any idea of this. But… ” We’ll be honest; that’s how we all tell jokes! I earned a living from comedy for 15 years, and I cannot comprehend a joke very well. Why? I’m sure, like most people, I have a hard recalling the way the joke plays out! I’ve got plenty to think about when present in front of an audience! I don’t want to get bogged down trying to recall my next sentence. Do you?

2. Jokes Aren’t Unique

If your joke came from a book, likely, you’re not the only person to have purchased the book. Chances are that others have been exposed to your joke. You might have heard of another speaker making similar jokes! It might not matter to you unless that person speaks just before you and to the same crowd! (Believe me when I say that because I’ve witnessed this occur!) Even if you’re not on the same schedule, it’s not in your favour to utilize the same content as other speakers. There’s a chance that someone else will have heard it before, and would you like your audience to be thinking, “How many more times do we have to listen to the parrot joke that’s so stupid? “

3. Jokes exist solely to provide laughter

Two outcomes can occur when you make the joke: silence or laughter. Laughter is wonderful, and the quiet… can be death! And, even more importantly, it’s an extremely public funeral. It’s known as bombing, and the audience knows that you’ve done it! Everyone is aware that jokes are meant to make people laugh, and when it doesn’t, then you’ve been unsuccessful! There are no or even ifs. Yes, I’m certain of you- the educated ones- are saying, “Wait a minute, Bill, I like to use jokes to prove my point!”

If you add all three of these reasons together, you’ll realize that you’re creating a risk for failure through the use of jokes. However, I’m not saying that you’ll fail; it’s simply that you’re playing the cards in this direction. You’ve got three fairly significant drawbacks to your advantage. Perhaps you’re among the few who are incredibly smart and naturally funny. If so, feel free to ignore what I’ve mentioned thus far. But, if that’s not the case, you’ll have to find a different source of laughter.

There’s an area. And in it, you’ll find plenty of humour that’s unique, captivating, easy to recall, and completely free! It’s known as “life experiences,” It’ll never disappoint you If you can take it in! Please look at my article entitled The Power of Personal Stories to learn more.


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