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4 Best Themes for a Memorable Wedding

Marriage is a contract, a relationship, a tie that brings two people together in the most magical way possible. It adds to the social responsibility of both partners and changes their status in society. It is crucial that you look into all possible themes that you could go for.

Different people choose different styles for their weddings. We have compiled a list of some amazing wedding themes that you can go for at your wedding. Let’s dive into them: 

Minimal Style Wedding

More and more people are deciding to go with a minimal theme on their special day. It is mainly because it is not only cost-effective and saves a lot of money but also because it looks decent and classy at the same time. 

The wedding dresses that this theme entails are very minimal and have very simple cuts and designs to them. The wedding dress of the bride is also very elegant and simple but utterly beautiful. If you think you can pull off an all-natural look on your wedding day, this theme might be it. 

The color theme is centered on neutrals and pastels mostly, and the food served at the wedding is also kept minimal, with one delicious dish followed by the serving dessert. People don’t usually invite a lot of people when it comes to keeping it minimal, they usually invite their friends and family who are close to them.

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Destination Wedding

A destination wedding is a dream come true for many. But, many people let their go when it comes to finances and management of a destination wedding. If you have been saving up for your wedding for quite some time now, then this might be your sign to go with this theme. 

The destination can be your hometown, Paris, your favorite city, or any place that has an aesthetic value. Usually, couples go with private islands and beaches when it comes to having a destination theme. 

Modern Wedding

A modern wedding is one having an elegant finish when it comes to aesthetics. The dresses are perfectly in accordance with modern fashion and style requirements. Nowadays, the perfect body-hugging dresses are getting more and more popular among modern brides. 

Lighting is given great importance because modern photography makes use of light to lift up the aesthetics of any photo. The bridesmaids and close friends of the bride usually wear pastel-colored dresses that match the theme. As a whole, it gives modern vibes to the wedding. 

Classical Wedding

In a classical theme, it is made sure that no tradition or ritual goes missed. Everything is given utmost importance, whether it be a dress or a chair. The decoration is in accordance with the traditions of the area, and the dress of the bride is also a traditional one. All white with an amazing flare at the bottom. 

There are many modern variations of classical bridal dresses in the market these days. A dress with an insane flare at the bottom and a long tail might cost you a fortune, but you can also choose to wear a rental dress to your wedding.

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