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6 Elements of a Senior Living Facility You Can Call Home

When looking for assisted living options, you should be keen on several factors. To a larger extent, the environment and services your loved one receives at the facility determine the relevance of the care. It is crucial to check the elements that increase comfort and can create a home for everyone as you weigh your options. Highlighted below are the crucial things to keep in mind when choosing a senior living facility.


For some time, the senior living facility will be the home of your loved one. For this reason, you want a place that is clean and attractive. Understand that cleanliness affects your loved one’s physical and mental well-being. As you move around and assess the facility, pay attention to hygiene levels. This should start from the entryways and the landscape. You should also be keen on the hygiene levels in the rooms, common areas, and the washroom. A clean senior living facility creates the best environment for your loved one to call home.

Support From Caregivers and Staff

You want to be confident that the senior is in a place they get cared for properly. You want to believe that the medical team and staff at the facility have your senior’s interest at heart. You can only call the assisted living facility a home when they provide proper care and attention to their residents. The services and support provided in the facility, in this case, remains paramount. You should check the staff to resident ratio. You should also be keen on the staff training and experience level. Does the facility have registered and certified nurses and other healthcare providers?

Personalized Care and Support

Understand that medical and physical needs among seniors vary. Before deciding on a senior living facility to take your loved one, ensure you understand their immediate and future needs. It is crucial to settle for a facility that provides personalized care and support. This is significant in addressing a resident’s specific physical, mental, and spiritual needs. With proper care and support, it becomes easier for your loved one to find a place to call home. Understanding that personalized care and support is also crucial in addressing medical conditions and increasing recovery chances.

Activities and Amenities

You don’t want your seniors to think taking them to an assisted living facility is a way of discarding them. It is important to make them feel comfortable and confident with the decision. For this reason, you should be keen on the activities and amenities present in the facility. These elements determine the life your loved one will lead at the facility to a larger extent. Choose an active facility with different activities that residents can engage in. The facility should also have amenities, including a church, a mosque, and a fitness center for personal growth and development.

Community Culture

Note that moving your loved one to a senior living community means taking them to an unfamiliar place with different traditions and cultures. Understand that personalities differ among people in the facility. For this reason, check the community’s culture and ascertain that your loved one will feel comfortable in the long run. As you evaluate the villas at San Bernardino, check the community culture, including the staff-resident interactions.

Security and Safety Measures

Understanding that an elderly person getting severe injuries from a fall is easy. You can only gain confidence in the services and attention provided in the facility when the elderly feel safe. The security and safety measures employed at the facility, for this reason, have become significant. Accessible handrails and non-slip flooring, security cameras, and all-around resident monitoring are the elements you must look at before admitting your loved one.

Every senior deserves to stay in an assisted living facility they can call home. This can, however, be hard with the different variables to keep in mind. It is important to check the crucial elements that define the best facility before deciding. The above guide explains more.


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