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Are You Still Doing Physical Document Storage? You Might Regret It

There area unit still several business that keep victimization paper for applications, invoices and to stay differing kinds of knowledge. Managing with efficiency this growing quantity of paper documents wants a paper-based document management system. Many document management companies still using physical document storage.

However, if we tend to compare this technique with digital platforms, there area unit variety of disadvantages to require into thought before selecting the most effective thanks to keep your business data safe and accessible.

These area unit a number of the difficulties of operating with Physical Document Storage:

Lack of cupboard space

Paper documents will take up a big quantity of house, and therefore the amount of paper can increase day by day. what is more, documents can generally got to be hold on on the point of hand so they will be accessed as quickly as doable.

Security problems

Regardless of size, for any organization is very important to shield its information and different valuable assets. one among st the most important data security risks for businesses is paper as a result of written documents will be simply lost, mishandled or broken whereas digital information might be encrypted and safely detain exhausting disks or electronic devices.

Prone to injury

Manual documents will be simply broken, lost, misplaced or purloined. a hearth or natural disaster may mean the loss of essential data. If you don’t have any copies, once the files area unit gone, there’s no manner of obtaining the knowledge back.

Document transportation

Transporting documents during a paper-based system is sort of difficult, slow and inefficient. With a digital document management system in situ, you’ll be able to merely add attachments to AN email and send data instantly.

Editing issues

If you wish to form changes to a paper-based document, you’ll got to write all the content once more. this may got to be continual each time you wish to form additional corrections. you must create a replica of the initial document to tell apart all the amendments that have be done.

High costs

One of the most important drawbacks of paper-based document management systems is that the associated prices. additionally to tones of paper, you’ll would like additional printers, duplicator, letter paper and different workplace provides. These prices add up and might become a big expense in several organizations.

Limit communication and collaboration

When operating with paper documents, collaboration is very tough. If many department heads got to produce a standard document, they have to have multiple copies written, create all the required amendments on an individual basis then share their version with one another before begin acting on the final word version. Digital document management systems enable users to collaborate during a manner that’s simply and quick. they will conjointly track all the changes created.

Environmental injury

Using additional paper is unhealthy for the setting and won’t facilitate abundant to spice up your company’s inexperienced credentials. several of today’s workers wish to figure for businesses that range property and lots of customers conjointly like environmentally friendly alternatives thus you are doing your best to draw in and retain them.

Investing during a digital document management system can cut back the number of paper you waste round the workplace and can increase the effectiveness of your operations and productivity.


Use paperless document management to ease your documentation process. Also save the cost of paper and save the environment!.


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