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BBQs 2u – The Elite Dealer of Kamado Joe Models

The sign of a pleasant sunny day is a juicy grilled burger with a chilled beer. Britons know the real way of enjoying every single day whether it is a chilly snowy day or a bright sunny day. Grilling is a part of every Brit’s life, as they love how nicely every recipe comes out from that stove. They just need that smoky flavour in their lives.

BBQs 2u is nowhere behind in keeping this tradition alive. They are the leading barbecue retailer in the UK keeping loads of stock of the best brands available all over the world. They are known for their fast delivery and exciting bundle packages, which are offered at affordable price and heavy discount.

Their catalogue is overloaded with brands like Kamado Joe, Napoleon, Masterbuilt, and Ooni along with some exciting accessories, dips, and barbecue sauces. No wonder they have had loyal customers for decades. Once you start buying from them you just can’t resist revisiting their website to explore the latest and fancy items that can combine with your griller.

Among all the brands that they sell, BBQs 2u is considered an Elite dealer for the famous and renowned brand Kamado Joe. The Kamado Joe Classic Joe is largely in demand in the UK.

Kamado Joe Classic Joe

The Kamado Joe – Classic Joe BBQs are made of ceramic which helps in retaining heat and moisture keeping meat and other juicy food items fresh and nutritious. A Kamado Classic Joe can be used all day long at slow, low temperatures because even a small quantity of fuel goes a long way.

It can cook a steak at medium heat and a pizza at the hottest temperature. The Kamado Joe Classic Joe has the thickest ceramic walls, with a rubber seal around the lid keeping it safe from cracking the dome shape smoke chamber.

BBQs 2u is known for surprising its customers with exciting offers. Currently, their online store is loaded with bundle packages of accessories offering a 4% – 10% bundle discount. Their bundle packages are available under unique names like Adventurer package, season starter, elements packs, discovery pack, explorer pack, voyager pack, and quest pack.

Each bundle has different accessories. Hence, you can choose the pack to level up your Kamado joe experience.

The Classic series I, II, and III are known to be the main attraction of Kamado Joe. They are perfect models for small and medium gatherings.

However, the most in-demand is the Kamado Joe – Classic II which is not too small or not too large.

Kamado Joe – Classic II

It is a perfect griller for family gatherings and friend pool parties. The main attraction of Kamado Joe – Classic II BBQs is the package that consists of various accessories. The Classic II is available with premium features and innovation that make grilling a different experience. At BBQs 2u the accessories bundle packs are offered at 4% discounts.

Whichever pack you choose they all consist of exciting items, which can either be a KJ cover, JoeTisserie Rotisserie, lump wood charcoal, half moon cast iron, stainless steel cooking grate, pizza peel, or fire starter.

Choose a package that suits your needs. Avail of their exciting discounts. Do not miss the March promo from BBQs 2u.


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