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Cleaning and Care Tips for Quartz and Granite Countertops

When adding a new quartz or granite countertop to your Toledo home, you might wonder how you should care for the custom stone surface. The great news is that whether you choose natural stone or manmade, they both are easy to clean.

Daily Cleaning Procedures for Granite and Quartz Countertops

Maintain that like-new shine by simply wiping up spills as they happen throughout the day. When you need to give it a good cleaning before and after meal prep, you will only need:

  • Soft dishcloth with no scrubbing surface
  • Neutral pH dish soap

If you do have a stubborn spill, opt for a recommended cleaner designed for use on stone.

Annual Sealing Tips

We recommend that all our custom granite and quartz countertops receive sealing once a year to prevent any possible stains or discoloration. The process is simple and not time-consuming.

  • Clear the counters
  • Thoroughly clean the surface
  • Let dry completely
  • Apply stone sealant using a soft cloth according to the directions
  • Leave counter to dry and cure which can be several hours or up to a day
  • Resume use of your beautiful countertop

Using a mild cleaner that includes a stone sealant on a daily basis helps to maintain the seal.

Why do countertops need to be sealed?

Since stone is a naturally occurring material, it is somewhat porous. Oils and acids from food and even your hands can seep into the stone if it is not protected. The sealant creates a non-porous surface that stops discoloration below the working surface.

Protecting Your Countertops Everyday

While your stone counters resist scratches and stains, it is always smart to use a little extra caution to minimize the appearance of wear over time by using:

  • Trivets
  • Hot pads
  • Cutting boards

Now that you know just how easy it is to maintain quartz and granite countertops, visit us today at The Countertop Shop in Monclova to select the perfect stone for your Toledo or Perrysburg home improvement project.


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