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Do You Know About a New Procedure Called Thoracotomy?

Over the years medical science has made a tremendous amount of progress and internet technology has also enabled the learning of various new procedures online so that medical professionals can see video of the whole operation.

A new procedure known as thoracotomy, is used for treating various diseases that can be present within our chest. Webop is an online platform that was created by a few German surgeons, which is very helpful for surgeons, healthcare professionals, and also medical students.

Medical surgeries are a very complicated procedures that cannot be learned simply by reading textbooks and attending lectures. Therefore, two surgeons have developed a very unique way so that doctors, as well as students, can learn this new procedure by seeing videos.

This will help professionals and also would be surgeons to learn the whole procedure by seeing practically the whole procedure, which will be explained with the help of a real-life video illustration.

This “webop concept”, is totally a novel concept and the information shared online is regularly updated so that viewers can learn about what is happening in this field currently.

What is thoracotomy?

This is one of the latest procedures developed where an incision is going to be made by a surgeon in the chest so that all the contents within the chest can easily be accessed.

This procedure can typically be divided into 2 categories:

  • Anterolateral thoracotomies
  • Posterolateral thoracotomies

Also, this can be further subdivided into the following:

  • Supra-mammary
  • Infra-mammary.

Of course, based on the sides such as the left side of the chest or the right side of the chest, this can be further subdivided. Under the circumstances prevailing in the patient’s condition each type of procedure can be used.

The following are a few surgical tools that are needed during the procedure.

  • Artery forceps and ligature clamps
  • Bulldog clamps
  • Diathermy forceps
  • Dissecting scissors
  • Dissectors
  • Micro needle holders and sutures
  • Micro scissors and forceps
  • Nerve hooks
  • Vascular clamps
  • Vascular scissors and forceps.

When should a patient go for this procedure?

Most commonly a surgeon will take the decision to go for such a procedure for providing surgical treatment for the following cases:

  • Distal aortic
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Valvular disease of the patient’s aortic, mitral, or tricuspid valve

Although, many doctors can diagnose such cases with the help of median sternotomy, however, when this procedure is considered to be unsafe then the medical professional may go for thoracotomy.

When a patient is considered to be a high-risk patient with median sternotomy, then with the help of thoracotomy he can be very conveniently diagnosed. Medical professionals often use video guidance provided by the webpop, which serves a very useful purpose to diagnose and treat patients.

To perform this new procedure following personnel will generally be involved:

  • Surgeon
  • Anaesthesiologist
  • Scrub nurse/technician
  • Circulating nurse

A few other medical personnel may also be included during the procedure, such as a surgical assistant, a resident, or a fellow.

Final word

Medical diagnosis is now in quite an advanced stage, where procedures like thoracotomy can be used for diagnosing and treating several diseases related to our chest. Webop is an online platform that can help explain the procedure with real-life videos.


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