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Does Dubai Airport Have Sleeping Pods?

A great number of passengers travel to Dubai every year for different reasons. Dubai airport lounges remains busy most of the time. People try to have all the travel comfort. They book their services during the travel. No one wants to be disturbed by the hustle ad bustle at the airport.

Some people visit this splendid city for business purposes. They need quiet areas to finish their tasks before the flight. At the same time, others search for different options at the airport like food and drinks, internet, and sleeping pods. 

A common query that people may usually have when they visit Dubai airport is are sleeping pods available at this airport? If you have the same question, you are reached at the perfect blog. We know that you will be happy to get your answer as yes.

Dubai airport has worked to introduce ‘sleep pods’ to passengers. Go to Terminal 3 of the airport if you want to avail the facility of sleeping pods. Everyone needs to unwind during a break when they travel long distances.

Scandinavian Design Lounge For Sleep 

It is located in the area of Gate A1. You have to visit Concourse A if you want to get the services of this lounge. Here, you will get 20 ‘igloo sleep pods’. Moreover, this lounge offers you some cabins that are premium. There is another good news for you.

The Scandinavian lounge provides you with beds for the children. You can book the services of this lounge in advance or go to this lounge to get information. It will be easy for you to book the sleeping beds for your children in case if you are traveling with your family.

You can reserve certain cabins and pods. The lounge is also open to the members of LoungeKey. Moreover, the people who have priority passes can also get entry in this lounge. Concourse A is available to the people who travel with Qantas and Emirates.

Every flyer can go to this longe to have some relaxing time. Freshen yourself up in the peaceful area of the lounge. Here, you will surely get some peaceful sleep. Go to the world’s number one airport, Dubai International Airport, and book this lounge.

We assure you that it will make you feel that your travel is not hectic. The facilities provided by the lounge add more peace and comfort to your journey. The options for relaxation and rest are now expanded at Dubai International Airport with the opening of sleeping pods.

The airport is working to introduce more good options for global travelers. Geoffrey Carrier is working as a general manager and the operator of airport sleep lounges. Furthermore, Geoffrey added that they are taking steps to make Dubai airport unique.

The different concept is now launched after operating the sleep lounges in the area of the airport. If you want to book the lounge for a night, you have to pay $310. This lounge charges you $20 per hour for the night. In the daytime, you have to pay $17 for one hour.

For booking the services of the lounge at the time of day, you need to pay $130 for twelve hours. If you want a reasonable option for you visit a ‘Yawin’ cabin. It charges you fewer costs. Here, you can pay $74 for the time duration of two hours at the time of night.

And for 12 hours at night, you will be charged $271. The daytime package is not as expensive. You can pay $271 for this package to book it for 12 hours. Moreover, it charges $60 for the time duration of two hours. Never hesitate to book the services of a lounge for sleep.

Take your travel experience to the next level by enjoying all the comforts and facilities that airport lounges offer you. Moreover, you should have all the necessary information before booking the services of lounges. People need to maintain their budget.

Book the lounge that matches all of your requirements and budget. We advise you to book a specific lounge for yourself and stay relaxed during your travel. 

There is no need to wait at the airport for your next flight. Just book the lounge for sleep and enjoy the amenities. We hope it will be a good experience for you if you are traveling to Dubai for the first time.


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