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Health benefits of Regular Dog Grooming

Keeping your dog clean is more than just a pet pampering session. Grooming will no doubt make your pet feel comfortable and free of bad odor but also help you detect any health issues early on such as lumps or wounds on the skin. Whether your pooch has short hair or a long coat, keeping it clean with products from Ryans Pet Supplies is something that will benefit the overall health of your canine companion.

  1. Regular brushing of dog coat will prevent matted hair

An un-groomed coat is a sheer invitation to mats. Matted hair is a tangled mass that         pulls the skin and is an extremely uncomfortable condition for the dog. However regular    brushing/combing will never let such a situation arise where mats are formed all over the pooch’s body.

  1. No Entry to Fleas and Ticks:Another aspect of grooming involves bathing the pet. How often you need to bathe it will depend upon its coat and breed type. A bath will remove dirt and all the extra oil from the skin, creating a healthy and pleasant-smelling coat. In cases of regular infestation
  1. Prune them ‘ Nails:Your dog’s nails need to be trimmed to the correct length to avoid them from getting too long. Long nails are riddled with many problems. To begin with they create discomfort to the dog while walking. As a result the pooch may start to walk in an abnormal fashion on the sides of its paws. This is often the cause of painful arthritis and bone malformations if left unattended. Trimming will also avert a very painful condition where the nails grow into the foot pads of the canine. Pruning also offers a close view of the pet’s feet and helps to highlight some other concerns like cracked/dry paw-pads, tangled fur around the area and swelling.
  2. Tooth Brushing for Oral Hygiene:A daily or even a thice a week brushing regimen can save your dog’s teeth from most dental disease and bad breath. Brush your pet dog’s teeth everyday using toothpaste specially designed for dogs. Its best to familiarize the pet to this routine while it is still young.
  3. Regular Ear Clean Up Is Important:You will have to at least weekly clean the pet’s ears to prevent ear-infections with the help of ear wipes or cotton balls. For successful cooperation on the part of your dog, reward it with healthy training treats.
  4. Helps You To Track Timely Any Oddity:Grooming allows you to spot any lumps, bumps and wounds on the pet’s skin as well as skin/ear infections. It puts you in a better position to identify health issues the dog may be suffering early enough before they turn more serious or fatal. While you are brushing the dog’s coat or running your fingers through its hair, you might feel the presence of lumps in the process that may or may not be cancerous.

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Remember that a dog’s coat is like his suit/clothes; hence it is very vital for his hair to be free of bad odor, ticks, fleas, tangles, dead hair and dirt. Dogs with a double coat or silky hair such as Cocker-Spaniels need a special brushing technique to keep tangles away that involves dividing the coat into different small sections. Brush outwards from the skin and cover each section from head to tail. Depending upon the breed type of your pet you may want to get its hair cut short every once in a while.  A professional groomer will clip your dog’s coat in a safe manner.

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