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How to get more general contractor leads

Did you know that more consumers look online for information on local businesses than elsewhere?

Customers can easily research contractors online before contacting them for a quote. Customers can check out contractor websites and social media to connect with contractors. They can also read customer reviews.

Google reports that website users search for independent contractors online more than 1.7 million times per month. It’s not surprising that this is the case. Most of us turn to the Internet to solve problems.

It’s time to step up your online marketing if your presence online needs to generate more contractor leads – potential new clients.

Don’t worry if this all seems overwhelming. We will show you how to maximise your return on investment with minimum time and resource commitment. You can rebuild your web presence in small steps:

Update your website

List your business on the listing sites

Contractors’ content marketing

Pay-for-service advertising to drive leads

Email marketing is a great way to put your contacts to work.

How can general contractors generate leads? Start using these ideas today

Digital marketing is essential for contractors. This helps generate more leads than can be caused by offline efforts alone. It can be hard to know where to begin if you are new to online marketing. When in doubt, you should always start with the basics.

  1. Update your website

This should be the first step if you need a website to generate contractor leads. While a Facebook or Instagram page is essential, a website will give your brand greater credibility.

Spend some time looking at your website from the customers’ perspective, whether you are starting from scratch or improving an existing site. Check out this checklist.

Does the content of the page make sense?

How easy is it to contact you?

All the links are working?

How does your site work and look on mobile devices?

Does your website capture email addresses?

Once your website is in top condition, optimise it for search engines. It would be best if you aimed to appear at the top of Google’s search engine results. Google assigns a ranking to your website based on several factors:

Use keywords that are relevant to your niche

Blogs and other quality content

Social Media Connections

Routine Updates

Mobile-responsive functionality

  1. List your business on the listing sites

Before the advent of the Internet, local businesses were found by searching through phone books. The Internet is the giant “phone book” in history.

Customers can find a list of contractors on several popular platforms with just a few clicks or taps. It’s essential to keep your online listings up-to-date. Start with these platforms.

Google My Business

Google, My Business connects local businesses with Google users. It is a platform that’s free. The search engine ranks these listings like that of websites. Check for the following elements to reach the top of search results in your local area:

Contact and location details that are accurate

Updated Business Hours

Google Reviews: Interaction



Verify the accuracy of your Yelp listing. Make sure that you are listed under the correct service category. If you don’t, you will make it much more difficult for customers to locate you.

Yelp’s most notable feature is its user-generated reviews system. Read all reviews and reply to them. This will make your listing appear at the top of Yelp’s search results.


Do not limit yourself to a Facebook profile. Create a Facebook page for your business. Facebook business pages let you list information about your business and collect reviews. You can also interact with your fans using your business identity.

Thumbtack & Angie’s List

These sites showcase independent contractors and businesses that provide home services. These directories will respond well to listings with positive reviews and detailed information. Verify that the notification is accurate and give details on what you offer and how committed you are to customer satisfaction.

Consistency is the key.

Be consistent as you update the information on each listing site. You should share the same information on every listing site, down to punctuation. Make sure that everything is written and spelled the same on each listing.

Create a “cheat sheet” document using Microsoft Word, Google Docs or another word processing tool where you can copy and paste listing information. This will ensure that your listings are consistent.

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  1. Contractors’ content marketing

You can showcase your skills differently by creating quality content for your social media feeds and blog. Content marketing is a great way to show your commitment to solving people’s renovation and repair issues.

You could create a guide showing people how to repair a hole in the drywall. You won’t have to hire them if they can fix the problem themselves. But you will build trust and credibility, which are traits people look for when hiring a contractor.

  1. Pay-for-service advertising to drive in leads

Contractors invest in digital advertising on three platforms: Google, Facebook and Instagram.

Google Ads allows you to “jump” the search engine ranking, pushing your Google My Business listing and website to the top when users search for keywords relevant to your business. It is more likely for the right customers to find you.

Facebook and Instagram offer paid advertisements in the margins or feeds. If someone clicks the link, they will be taken to your Facebook page or website.

  1. Email marketing is a great way to put your contacts to work.

Email marketing allows you to reach out and get in touch with existing clients, generate new leads and get in touch on tips from one central location. Constant Contact’s online marketing platform lets you easily create email campaigns using attractive, intuitive templates for specific customer segments.

Email reporting lets you see who has opened your emails and which customers have clicked to your site or social media. This valuable information can be used to improve your digital marketing campaigns.

Digital marketing is a great way to attract new leads.

Customers increasingly use the Internet to locate home and business services, including general contractors. You can compete by updating your website and investing resources into online marketing.

Leads, for the moment, are not customers. Nurturing these leads with online marketing tools like paid advertising, email marketing and social media would be best.


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