With unemployment in South Africa rising to 29% recently, leading direct-selling beauty brand Avon Justine announced today that it has launched an initiative to provide women with sustainable income opportunities while addressing the growing unemployment crisis in the United States. . Contributes to empowering local women entrepreneurs with talent but not yet known.

Nishani Singh, director of Avon Justine Pty Ltd, commented on the launch: “It’s positive that the percentage of South African women participating in early business activities compared to men is positive (up 17% annually). *) In order to strengthen South Korea’s business activities to solve the unemployment crisis in South Africa, we need to create an environment that supports women entrepreneurs.

“Our country has tremendous business skills, but unfortunately, competence is not without opportunity. Access to opportunities is the key to empowering people to reach their true potential. “It’s our invitation to give South African women the flexibility to take care of their family while being their boss and revitalizing their entrepreneurship,” says Singh.

“Our initiative also has significant potential to create employment effects & # 39; Knock and # 39 ;. Many of our beauty entrepreneurs have grown to create additional jobs for others, in addition to creating jobs for themselves. This has a positive social impact when South Africa is most needed. “

As part of Yvonne, Avon Justine has helped South African women to harness the power of digitization by offering smart commercial tools such as the new Avon On application, a digital tool for entrepreneurs to order salons. Aim to improve your skills. Access your social networks. Create content to promote on social media channels and create your own content. Avon Justine products have also been delivered faster and more conveniently with the company’s new direct delivery capabilities.

“E-commerce is on the rise in South Africa due to Internet penetration and smartphone adoption. Consumers are increasingly finding it easier to buy beauty products online, which opens up new opportunities for beauty entrepreneurs, Singh says.

To reduce the high cost of building an e-commerce site, Avon Justine’s beauty entrepreneurs will be able to create their own profile on an online business platform, allowing them to build a personalized website without a company by default. Ongoing maintenance costs or problems. “This will allow beauty entrepreneurs to reach new customers from the comfort of their homes and work on their schedule.”

Singh points out that this latest recruitment campaign is another proof of the company’s commitment to defending women’s empowerment. “Our company has empowered women over the last 135 years through unique income opportunities and social responsibility programs. This is just the last development of our efforts to promote the growth of local businesses through the promotion of entrepreneurship and the empowerment of women in South Africa.

“Avon Justine is a locally established global brand that is uniquely positioned to enable women to own their own future and have the opportunity. We want to motivate and inspire women to choose themselves when they start their own business and unleash their full potential, but with the valuable support and support of differentiated beauty brands, Singh concludes.

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