Berlin-Wednesday will be a beautiful day for the neighborhood for Holmes Custom Molding.

Holmes County Company and the popular Berlin Flyer Wagon will perform on Wednesday morning at PBS's children's program "Daniel Tigers Neighbor".

Daniel Tiger & # 39; s Neighborhood is an animated participle of the former "Mr. Roger & # 39; s Neighborhood", first broadcast on PBS in 1968.

WQED, Pittsburgh's PBS subsidiary, contacted the business, said Kevin Miller, chief financial officer of HCM.

"I think we found us through our website," Miller said. "They're from Pittsburgh, so they're looking for something close at hand. Basically they said." "

The show was made for preschoolers from 2 to 4 years old, and the doll's son Daniel Striped Tiger features Daniel Tiger from the original program. Each episode has two stories that focus on one topic, for example, dealing with disappointment.

HCM's Berlin Flyer Wagon appears in episode 414 with the title "Daniel likes to be with Dad and Daniel likes to be with Mom." The live image in HCM is associated with that part of the episode.

Miller said the photographers left a few days before learning about the process and making a decision to focus when the camera arrived. The day before, the team went out to determine the lighting. The full episode was filmed for a day on August 13, 2018.

"I don't know how long it will last for 5 or 1 minute," Miller said. "But it's hard to match the whole process of manufacturing a car during that time."

The team spent the day at the site, arriving early at 7 am and staying until 5 pm, Miller said.

Benjamin Hershberger Jr., head of the department, said the production of the vehicle is very complex and usually takes time.

“First, it's complicated because we do everything. "There are pieces of steel and pieces of wood. There are bolts and screws. Obviously we have to buy it. But everything else we manufacture at the facility. We simply buy the steel and submit it to the puncher. All our own training and Manufacture and we paint it. "

Wayne Hershberger CEO appears on a show explaining the process to viewers. The company plans to broadcast the episode to employees, Miller said.

This is not the first time HCM has participated in a television show. In August 2015, the carriage appeared in Canada's "Home Factory" program, which finds ways to make everyday items through its North American manufacturing facility.

The Berlin Flyer Wagon wrote a headline in June 2015, when the first woman, Michelle Obama, had a P-Wee Wagon model during her visit to London for Princess Charlotte and her brother, Prince George. gave.

Miller and Hershberger said HCM will manufacture about 6,500 cars in 2019. Hershey Burger said there are four car models, but the original steering wheel is the most popular. Miller said that the car alone accounts for about 7% of sales, but it is the only product offered directly to the end consumer. Hershey Burger said other HCM products are primarily wholesalers.

Berlin Flyer Wagon is available in a variety of locations in the area, including Kauffman Lawn Furniture, Millersburg True Value, Village Toy Shop, Orme Hardware, Keim Lumber and Yoder Home & Hardware. Large retailers such as Tractor Supply, Home Depot and Amazon also carry wagons.

HCM episode of "Daniel Tiger & # 39; s Neighborhood" will air on PBS at 10 am Wednesday. The program can also be streamed online at

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