The police cut off the wire to take the chain's popular chicken sandwich outside a Popeye's Monday night in Maryland, police said.

Prince George County Police Department Hank Starwinsky told reporters that 28-year-old Kevin Davis entered the Oxson Hill restaurant and began cutting "methodically" a line reserved by menu. Starwinsky said Davis was facing someone as he cut the wires on the front.

“In fifteen minutes, this person systematically works in front of others, faces this person, and after fifteen seconds later the two come out of the store. Starwinsky told reporters.

A man works after stabbing in Maryland. Put a chicken sandwich and fight

"The question that my detectives have to answer is how

5 seconds murder?

The police said a preliminary investigation found Davis and the suspect received a brief verbal claim. Investigators said they lined up and walked out together before Davis chased Davis.

Police said Davis ran to a local hospital and died.

The police are asking for help to identify the suspect and the woman who is with him.

        The police asked for help in identifying the suspect.

The police asked for help in identifying the suspect.
(Prince George & # 39; s County Police Department)

The suspect and the woman ran away from the vehicle parking lot immediately after being stabbed. Police said car descriptions were not available and the suspect and Davis did not seem to have anything to do with each other before Monday's game.

        Police say the woman who left the suspect is considered to be interested.

The police say that this woman who left with the suspect is considered an interested person.
(Prince George & # 39; s County Police Department)

The police added that it did not have information that "the problem was something other than a long-term dispute or something that happened."

Starwinsky told reporters that when a fight and sting happened to journalists, the restaurant was filled with at least 30 people, including children.

"What bothers me about this… is that there are families and children in this restaurant, and now we are exposed to this restaurant," Stawinski said. "It's pointless. This is rude."

He was watching a surveillance video and said there were a few children who were "obviously shocked" about what was happening before them in the restaurant.

Police said they recovered the knife at the scene.

        Investigators are investigating Oxson Hill's site on Monday night.

Investigators are investigating Oxson Hill's site on Monday night.
(Fox 5)

Popeye resumed selling chicken sandwiches on Sunday. The menu item was originally released on August 12, but due to popular demand, the supply of the chain was sold by the end of the month.

POPEYES CHICKEN SANDWICH has high demand, sparks and # 39; HOURS-LONG & # 39; contour

A Popeyes spokesman said in a statement to Fox News Monday night, "I'm very sad to hear about Maryland's tragedy tonight. I don't yet know if this is the result of a dispute over one of our products." It's irrelevant, but there's no reason to lose your life in a parking lot on Monday night. "

"Our thoughts relate to the victim's family and friends and we cooperate fully with local authorities," the statement continued.

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Oxon Hill is about 20 minutes from Washington D.C.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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