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Performance of Royal Enfield in Terms of Interceptor 650 Handling and Braking

One reason that holds true for every motorist choosing the Royal Enfield brand is its heavy-duty bikes. The Interceptor 650 has gained a lot of traction lately owing to its timeless design and strong performance. More and more riders prefer this motorbike for long road trips as they are perfect for riding through rugged terrains. However, Interceptor 650 handling and braking deserve extra attention as it’s responsible for the smooth riding experience. So, keep reading ahead to know how it plays a significant role in popularising this roaring beast. 

Accessories to Upgrade Interceptor 650 Handling and Braking Performance

The Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 is a fantastic motorcycle with a timeless style and lots of power. Anyone who has one will attest to it. However, there are several Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 accessories that might aid you if you wish to advance your riding abilities. When you install an exhaust system, it will upgrade your bike’s performance from handling to braking.

This exhaust is specifically for the Interceptor 650 and can significantly boost power and torque. It also comes with a lifetime warranty and high-quality materials. Exhaust systems are one of the top Royal Enfield bike accessories available. It is not only fashionable and appealing, but it is also functional, appealing, efficient, and utilitarian. The exhaust improves the bike’s looks, power, road efficiency, and acoustics. 

With an improved exhaust system, riders may achieve any of these goals. You may boost your bike’s overall performance by installing a new exhaust. After adjusting, you will be riding an entirely new bike with improved performance and fuel efficiency.

Improving your Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 handling and braking is possible by installing a few accessories. You can consider accessories like:

Performance Brake Pads

Incorporating high-performance brake pads helps to enhance Interceptor 650 handling and braking. You can experience better stopping power and brake feel. Therefore, investing in high-quality brake pads can be a significant improvement. 

Braided Brake Lines

Braided stainless steel brake lines can provide more accurate and reliable braking than conventional rubber brake lines. This improvement lessens brake line flex, which enhances response.

Performance Tyres

Invest in grippy, high-quality tyres that are appropriate for the terrain and your riding style. More athletic tyres with a softer compound may perform better in corners. Adventures, both on and off the road, benefit significantly from dual-sport tyres.

Steering Damper

Stabilise the front end of your motorcycle with the aid of a steering damper, mainly while riding aggressively or at high speeds.

Adjustable Rear sets

You can fine-tune your riding posture with adjustable rear sets, which will provide you with more control and comfort when turning.

Upgraded Brake Master Cylinder

A better brake master cylinder can increase the responsiveness and feel of the brake lever, which will enhance braking efficiency.

Upgraded Brake Discs

To enhance heat dissipation and Interceptor 650 handling and braking performance, consider upgrading to bigger or slotted brake discs.

Alloy Wheels

You can improve handling and manoeuvrability of the bike by switching to lightweight alloy wheels and reducing weight.

Frame Sliders or Crash Bars

These add-ons can shield your bike from low-speed slides or drops, reducing possible damage in the event of an accident.

Upgraded Suspension

You can enhance your bike’s handling by improving its suspension. Front fork cartridge kits or adjustable rear shock absorbers enable you to fine-tune your bike’s suspension. It is possible to do so as per your riding condition and preference. 

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650: Handling System

The Interceptor 650 handling and braking is popular for being strong and dependable. This vintage motorbike is best for a variety of riding circumstances since it provides a steady and pleasant ride. The double-cradle steel tubular frame of the Interceptor 650 offers a solid and durable base for the bike’s best handling and stability.

It has dual shock absorbers in the back and traditional telescopic front forks. This suspension configuration guarantees a smooth, balanced ride that can handle both city streets and wide motorways. It frequently has excellent gripping tyres that offer traction and stability on various road surfaces.

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650: Braking System

To boost Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 handling and braking, it has a 240mm rear disc and a 320mm front disc. It provides excellent consistency and stopping power. The braking system offers a good performance and is responsive. It allows the riders to apply brakes safely and confidently in various road conditions. 

In fact, most motorists claim that they aimed to make this bike fun and comfortable. So, its braking system has succeeded in offering these benefits to the riders. It does not use a lot of power, but still, you can travel a long distance on it comfortably without any trouble.

While taking turns, the brakes scrub off speed well. You can stick to the road for as long as you want safely. Although it may not be satisfactory in slippery or rainy conditions, aftermarket upgrades like tyre hugger can be a massive improvement. 

Carorbis offers custom accessories for improving Interceptor 650 handling and braking based on cutting-edge technology. Royal Enfield provides a diverse range of modification accessories in varying sizes, purposes, and styles. You can conveniently purchase top-quality Royal Enfield accessories online, curated by experts, to enhance your motorcycles’ performance and longevity.


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