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Shredding Machine for Tires

Shredding Machinery Solutions For many years, SSI has supplied shredding machinery and has a wealth of experience. Tire shredders are available in various sizes, and we have a worldwide set-up base. Whether you’re just getting started with a tyre recycling machine or need to shred many tyres each year, we have a solution to assist you in meeting your objectives.

What is the purpose of a tyre shredder machine?

The tyre shredder is built specifically for shredding and recycling waste tyres. It can shred waste tyres from various cars into rubber blocks for future transportation and recycling, lowering recycling expenses dramatically. The goal is to boost productivity and efficiency.

Tire shredders can shear and shred discarded tyres, allowing them to be utilised for smelting oil and producing recycled rubber without manually cutting them off and then feeding them into a shredder, which has low efficiency. The tyre shredder requires that you place the entire tyre into it; it can then tear and shred the material into little bits, which is incredibly practical and efficient

We focus on the supply of main and second tire recycling systems, with choices that can process any tire dimension made today, which can minimise entire tires to any measurement or larger. We do not use “crumb rubber” production systems.

Charles Goodyear uncovered the procedure of vulcanising rubber. Yes, you check out that right. I and the advancement of rubber tires adhered to shortly after. It didn’t take long for worn-out tires to start piling up. Finding excellent ways to recycle them has been a pushing problem for over a century, though originally, because rubber was so costly that throwing it away resembled getting rid of silver.

As soon as artificial rubber hit the market a couple of years before World War I, manufacturing escalated, and recycling dropped off everybody’s concern list, bringing about substantial stockpiles of end-of-life tires, both in landfills and out.

How Do Tire Shredders Work?

The tire shredder uses two sets of rotors equipped with shredder blades in the equipment cavity relative rotation to use the principle of contraction of the two axes of the angle of extrusion of the material into the cavity, due to the special design of the blades into the two axes of the tip of the material is fixed by the angles of the edges to further create conditions for the contraction of the curve, in the material force to reach the material yield strength of the material between the edges began to fracture, to complete the shredding effect.

Currently, we might consider tires safe, if undesirable– besides, we utilise old tires to make swings for youngsters, and rubber is an outstanding insulator against electricity. While this is true, it doesn’t mean they’re flame-proof. Rather the contrary. According to John T. MacDermid, CEO and proprietor of the MacDermid Group, which worked hard to discover better ways to reuse tires in the early ‘ each tire consists of two gallons of oil, which is why huge stacks of deserted tires present such a severe fire risk As well as, as we’ve discussed in previous entries, deserted tires can additionally give prime reproducing premises for disease-carrying insects.

After years of attempts at recycling tires to reduce the opportunities for tire fires and the dispersing of condition, a brand-new invention in the early ‘ lastly presented a much more reliable means to reuse them: tire shredding.

The Development of Tire Shredders

The item of his innovation was to minimise end-of-life tires to powdered type without causing pollution efficiently, and it did so using a cylindrical chamber which would certainly lower tires one by one onto revolving cutters. The small pieces would certainly then be removed by a vacuum system. While perhaps the first tire shredding machine was designed, it wasn’t the most effective or functional, and no future versions would remotely resemble it.

Seven months later, Raymond W. Willette of Minnesota submitted a different license for a device that would grip individual tires and revolve them. At the same time, a fixed reducing apparatus shredded the rubber, with a system for feeding tires into it after melting them to dispose of them was outlawed due to contamination. His maker, which he thought about as a brand-new and one-of-a-kind invention, was designed somewhat after tire buffers, taking no inspiration from Burwell’s layout. Maybe readjusted for various dimensions of tires, but could not process high volumes of tires quickly and could not handle tires with metallic bead.

Less than two years later on, Clarence A. Krigbaum of Texas thought of a lot more reliable design of tire shredders for sale, Including counter-rotating bladed discs that would certainly draw tires right into them and cut them into pieces, after that, drop them onto the second series of counter-rotating discs that would reduce the rubber into even smaller items. This style extra very closely appears like contemporary tire shredders and can take care of a higher volume of tires.

A tire shredder is a substantial machine created to shred old tires. A shredder provides business opportunities as tire rubber can be used in many items, from playground surfaces to lightweight construction fill to roadway appearing and landscape compost.

Safeguarding Tires for  Tire Shredder Machine   

Before shredding tires, you need to initial locate the tires to shred. There are two methods to do this. The most convenient technique for acquiring tires is if you happen to work in the care sector, as you will have to alter the tires at some point. Yet, you will additionally need to keep them lying around till you have adequate money to dispose of them properly.

An additional means of getting your tires is staying in touch with any organisations with tires. Have a word with the proprietors and set up to throw away their tires for them at a reduced expense than various other disposal services; you can even use to deal with their tires at no charge.


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