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Take an informed decision while choosing protein supplements

Protein is one of the well known macronutrients that is a building block of tissues, skin, and cells in the body. Though we have a wide range of protein sources around us, including eggs, milk, meat, fish, seeds, and others, people have less knowledge about them. Supplement is an easy way and very helpful to focus on only one nutrient at a time. That is why protein supplements are gaining popularity. Protein powder is the most important supplement in bodybuilding but it can be taken by anyone. The supplement consists of a wide range, including, whey protein, Isolate whey protein, casein, peas powder, soy protein, and many more. All have different ways to offer health benefits. Lets know about them and understand how we can use them for getting maximum benefits.

Types of Milk proteins:

Milk is one of the great sources of protein. Here you will get the best protein supplements from milk available in the market but only you can take an informed decision to improve your health.

  • Whey protein: One of the most popular protein supplements among bodybuilders. It is one of the vital proteins found in milk and shares the same amino acids, vitamins, and minerals value as milk has. Whey is produced during the cheese making process and converted into powder form. If you have a general wellness goal in mind, you can use it on a daily basis. But if you are in bodybuilding or any high intensity workout, you must use it after consulting your trainer. Generally, bodybuilders take whey protein three times a day. Breakfast, before training, and  after training are the best time to consume it.
  • Isolate whey protein: The supplement is always in demand due to its high protein content. Isolate whey protein benefits in faster muscle recovery and building. So, many bodybuilders use it after their intense training. It is made by extracting other nutrients than protein. So, it is not having the nutrients that milk has. Only the high protein content is left there. When bodybuilders need to go in a shredded regime or preparing for competition, they use isolation for faster results.
  • Casein: Other than whey protein, casein is found in milk. It carries the same nutrient values as whey consists of. And offers all the health benefits that the whey can do. Only difference is that it is a slow digesting protein that takes time to get absorbed. So, it is not as popular as whey protein. To get the maximum health benefits from casein protein, before going to bed is the best time to consume it.


All these protein supplements have their own health benefits to offer but you have to choose them accordingly. As protein is made from different amino acids, it is not mandatory, you will get all the amino acids from only one protein supplement. That is why to choose different protein supplements for a certain period of time. Of course, training and a natural way of nutrition are important to extract maximum health benefit.


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