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Technology Companies Acquiring Healthcare Industry Solutions

Currently, technology companies are acquiring software companies and healthcare industry solutions. The acquisitions include software companies, Digital assistants, Databases and Cloud computing. The healthcare industry solutions include Healthcare Information Systems (HIS), Patient Tracking, Healthcare Analytics and Business Intelligence.


Using Oracle database technologies, businesses can build sophisticated data solutions. Oracle databases are characterized by scalability, cost-efficiency, and security. They are a useful solution in all kinds of corporate level applications.

Oracle is the largest database management system (RDaBMS) vendor. Oracle also sells middleware, data storage equipment, and development tools. Oracle is also working on establishing itself as a cloud computing vendor.

Oracle databases are based on a database architecture that is split between logical and physical structures. The logical structure is made up of a control file, which provides metadata about the physical database structure. The physical structure is accessed at the operating system level.

The architecture allows for a modular, distributed, and transparent data location. The Oracle architecture is flexible and can be modified without affecting the database.

Cloud computing

Whether you’re looking for a cloud that’s optimized for data center performance or one that’s optimized for the cloud, Oracle has a wide variety of solutions for you. The Oracle Cloud is a set of branded cloud services that include Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

With the Oracle cloud, you can deploy applications on private, shared, or public clouds. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a variety of compute options, including high-performance bare metal servers, virtual cloud networks, and single-tenant servers. The Oracle Cloud provides a secure, scalable, and reliable solution to help you achieve your business goals.

The Oracle Cloud also offers a full suite of modern SaaS applications, which are easy to access from anywhere. Oracle’s offerings are making more inroads with customers, a move that makes sense given the majority of organizations are implementing a multi-cloud strategy.

Acquisitions of software companies

Earlier this year, Oracle acquired a number of software companies. These companies are expected to help Oracle expand into new markets. One of the most significant is the acquisition of Cerner, a large electronic health record company. This deal puts Oracle on the map as a major player in the health technology industry.

Oracle said the acquisition will help it to expand its cloud business in healthcare. Cerner applications are used in hospitals to manage care delivery and increase efficiency. Oracle expects the deal to be accretive to its earnings in fiscal year 2023.

Cerner is the second largest electronic health record company in the U.S. It has about 25 percent of the market. Oracle has been slow to adopt its own cloud business, but has made strides in recent years.

Digital assistant

Whether it’s on websites, messaging apps, or voice assistants, Oracle Digital Assistant allows you to create conversational experiences that engage customers. This intelligent conversationalist applies natural language processing and advanced deep learning architectures to provide a personalized customer experience.

Oracle Digital Assistant comes with a self-contained learning library, which contains best practices for developing chatbot skills. You can access the library for self-paced learning, training, and delivering presentations on conversational projects. Oracle Digital Assistant can also be integrated with Oracle Service Cloud.

In addition to an end-to-end learning library, Oracle offers a number of features to help developers and enterprises get the most out of their Digital Assistant. These include pre-built skills and custom skills.

Oracle provides a free plan for developers, and two self-hosted plans that allow you to run your own AI engine behind your firewall.

Healthcare industry solutions

Using Oracle technology for healthcare industry solutions, organizations can deliver better patient care. In addition to lowering costs and improving patient experience, Oracle solutions can also increase productivity. These solutions offer specialised supply chain technologies that can automate processes. Whether it’s scheduling, billing or ordering, healthcare organizations can improve efficiency and visibility.

Oracle’s new cloud solutions can help healthcare organizations address their unique needs. Using these cloud solutions, hospitals can increase productivity, improve visibility across the supply chain, and optimize planning.

The Oracle Cloud is built to run all of a healthcare organization’s workloads, including legacy application systems. It also provides advanced machine learning and data science-driven services. This allows organizations to better respond to changing conditions, and makes it easier to make more informed care choices.


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