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The Varier Move stool is easy to assemble and adjustable, so it will work with both traditional and standing desks while promoting good posture and active central muscles.

I tried the Varier Movement myself and I can say with confidence that I felt an immediate improvement in my posture. As a writer, I spend hours in front of the computer, and it can be too easy to get lost in a project and realize that a couple of hours have passed before I moved.

While it took me a while to adapt, and I still had to remind myself that I should sit more straight sometimes, my back felt much better after using the Varier Movement. The slightly curved base also allowed me great mobility, but it was tough enough to never feel like I was going to tip over it.

The Varier movement is NEAT (Exercise Thermogenesis without Exercise) certified by the Mayo Clinic, which means it will allow you to burn more calories even while sitting. While this is not at all a total replacement for getting up and walking, it is much better than sitting in your traditional desk chair.

The upper part of the stool is reminiscent of a bicycle seat (although it is much larger and more padded) and you sit with your feet planted and your legs slightly open, which in turn opens your hips and keeps the core and muscles of busy legs . While this style of sitting is amazing for posture, I would not recommend wearing a shorter dress or skirt while wearing it. It is something to keep in mind if you are going to use this in an office environment.

One of the big winning points for me with the Varier Movement was the minimum assembly required. All you have to do is place the top of the stool on the base (it slides directly) and you will be ready to start. I would even hesitate to call this "assembly." It definitely exceeded having to take out a manual and the toolbox, and allowed me to start using it the right way.

It has a weight limit of 250 pounds and is adjustable in height with a range of 22 to 32.25 inches, which allows it to be compatible with both a traditional desk and a standing desk. The rounded bottom allows you to tilt and balance at all angles, and can rotate full 360 degrees.

The only real drawback I could see with the Varier Movement is the price. This is not something I would call economic friendly. However, with something like this, you are investing in your health and in a product that works.

It was easy to move, and I liked that it didn't take up much space.

If you suffer from chronic back pain or simply want to find a way to be more active while you are tied to your desk, I have found that the Varier Move Stool is the winning option that really works and is something I can see using regularly during my work. day.

Pros: Padded for added comfort, it allows you to sit straight, rounded base and 360 degrees of rotation for mobility, light weight and adjustable height, compatible with standing desks

Cons: On the expensive side, the saddle-style seat makes it difficult to wear a skirt or dress

Buy on Amazon for $ 499.99



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