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In today’s world, the internet has become an essential part of life. However, cable internet is a type of connection that requires cable television support to grant internet access to its users. So, your cable TV provider will provide the cable internet. The local cable TV providers bundle the cable internet along with other services. Before subscribing to WOW! cable internet service, don’t forget to read the things mentioned below about cable internet.

Here are the aspects of cable internet which every user must know before getting it.

No Phone Line Required

The best part of having cable internet is, it does not require any phone line. While using WOW! cable internet, you don’t have to dial a number to connect to the internet. You can always have a ready connection, and you don’t have to pay any phone line fee. Moreover, you can connect to the cable internet anytime without facing any issues. And you can stay connected all day with it.

Fast Speed

The speed of cable internet is faster than other broadband connections. Whether it’s a DSL, dial-up, or satellite connection, cable internet will always have a quick speed. Cable internet will permit you to download images, videos, and audio at high speed. Moreover, it will also allow you to play games smoothly without facing any internet speed issues. Cable internet will enhance your gaming experience to higher quality. In addition, cable internet upload speed fulfills a consumer’s needs.

Area Coverage

The area where a user is willing to access the internet is a significant problem. However, cable internet has resolved this issue by providing wide-area coverage. Cable internet service providers are covering almost all the areas of the United States. Now, users are no longer limited to a specific location. If a user’s place is at a great distance from the cable internet company, he can still use their services smoothly. By taking WOW! cable internet services, you will never find an issue in area coverage.


While using an internet connection, the consistency of a network can be a problem. Location is the most common issue faced by an internet user. However, cable internet provides a reliable connection, and the area of a user no longer matters the most. Whether your location faces harsh weather conditions or temperature variations, you will never have connectivity issues with cable internet. Moreover, it will overcome the risk of resistance to various signals. The reliability of WOW! cable internet services makes it the best internet service provider in the United States.


Cable internet is widely available all over the United States. According to the new research by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC), around 89% of Americans subscribe internet services from cable providers in their area. You can surely get 250 Mbps speed or more via cable internet.

The people of the US rely more on cable internet than those from elsewhere. However, cable internet provides various benefits as fast speed, no connection dropping, and many others. Choose the cable internet service now for better browsing.

Customer Assistance

While using cable internet, if you have any problem, you can contact customer support. The cable internet companies provide excellent customer assistance services and can contact their customer support system 24/7 for any guidance. Numerous operators are waiting to support you in using your cable internet service smoothly.

Why do people call cable internet different from others?

After getting knowledge about cable internet, here is a difference between other internet service providers and cable internet.

First of all, cable internet is way better than DSL because it is faster than DSL. Other than cable internet, there are many types of high-speed access such as DSL, fiber optic, and satellite internet.

The feature that distinguishes cable internet from others is your distance from cable modem termination system (CMTS) doesn’t affect its speed. But on the other hand, the DSL is not like dial-ups, it does not interrupt the phone service, but the internet access does slow down when you get away from the switching stations.

A new form of broadband service similar to cable internet is now common, namely fiber optics. The fact that differentiates it from cable internet is that data transmission medium is fiberglass wires, instead of copper wires. Ultimately, satellite internet connections are wireless and are connected to the dishes at our home by signals via space.

Because of its features and high-speed internet service, cable internet is popularly used. While using cable internet, problems could occur if you don’t know how to cope with it. For instance, sometimes, for better connections, you need to restart your modem and make sure that the cables around are not too dirty.


One of the reasons that make the cable internet popular is the affordable prices compared to DSL and fiber optics that are a lot more expensive and risky because of the signal dropping and lowered speed issues.

Other than the price, what makes it the first choice of a person is its appealing and cheap packages that provide access to cable TV and home phone services at discounted prices. However, the first twelve months of the cable internet service are much affordable than afterward because of the promo packages. But still, by that time you are much more than satisfied that the increase in price doesn’t bother you.


  • During peak hours speed of cable internet is slower than usual, which may cause interruptions in the usage.
  • Cable internet is not an advantage for large families as traffic at the modem would cause slow speed.
  • Restrictions of speed on home uses may limit the use and may cause the unpopularity of cable internet service.

The article delineates all you should know about cable internet service before choosing it for your home.


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