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Top 3 E-readers for Bibliomaniacs

Reading books is one of the most important and good habit one can build. But where book reading is a good habit, there are some side effects as well. Paperback books are good initial choices for bookworms, they do come with drawbacks. For example, everything on paperback books is permanent, font sizes or styles can’t be changed. Technology can understand the pain of readers. In the world of electronics, a new innovation came into being in mid 1900s, solving all your book reading problems. The first ever e-reader was designed around 1949, to end the entire book reading struggle a bibliophiles face. With the rapid modernization in tech world, e-readers now have limitless features. You don’t just have to stick with the sole purpose of reading books; you can do much more with e-readers. Laptops and phones might have specific reading apps, but they aren’t portable like e-books.

In words of a bibliophile; all e-readers are perfect. Choosing an electronic reader depends on what you actually need it for. If you just want to read books or you’re a devoted note-making student; there’s a list of e-readers for you. To save you from excessive scrolling, 3 best E-readers are listed below in this blog.

1- Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition

If you’re fed up with reading small fonts without switching off your bedroom lights, then Kindle Paperwhite is what you need. Paperwhite is not only user-friendly; its lightweight makes it easy to hold. The practically small thin sized e-reader makes the reading time more enjoyable. The thin and compact size of this e-reader makes it easier to take it with you everywhere. Paperwhite with its 6.8” screen can change font size, face and line spacing and margins to your likings. With a free cloud storage for compatible books and 32GB storage you can store as much as you want. Its 10 weeks long battery life it takes only 2.5 hours to fully charge with a 9W power adapter. Take your reading experience to the next level with Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition on Amazon code discount.

2- Forma E-Ink Carta HD Cons

Some e-readers have small screens which is not enough for reading. With Forma’s 8” screen, you don’t have to worry. If compared to other e-readers, it’s double the size of a regular e-book. You don’t have to glare into the screen anymore. With the automatic light adjusting you can now have a seamless connection to your books without any inconvenience. Forma Carta comes with a touchscreen interface along with buttons to follow your text without dirtying your screen.  Accessing multiple book formats and large storage capacity is a combo that every bibliomaniac loves.

3- Elipsa Pack E-Reader

Go paperless with Elipsa Pack E-Reader which provides a perfect combo to read and annotate literally everything. With Elipsa you get a super-light stylus and SleepCover to put your e-reader to sleep when it’s flipped over it. With glare-free and adjustable screen light make most out of your reader. Take it wherever you want with you due to its compact and portable size. Carrying your e-reader is equivalent to carrying a library with you wherever you go. With the ease of importing and exporting of documents, share your files across devices without any issues.


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