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Top Wedding Trends You Need to Remember

The trend of pre-wedding photography has opened up sort of a fire and there is hardly anyone who doesn’t want it. this is often probably one of the foremost funs, engaging sessions during a wedding and it should get on the to-do list of all couples. You not only get the gorgeous pictures, but it works because of the ice-breaker between the couple too (especially in an arranged marriage). And if you already know one another, I’m sure you do not mind spending longer together.

Uniqueness is feasible once you hire the simplest Iceland Wedding Photographer who thinks creatively during the pre-wedding draws a bead on you and considers your requirements.

Here are some photography trends: –

1) Miniature Photography

Miniature photography is amongst the several recent trends within the photography field. What makes it stand out from the gang is that the ability to capture big things within the smallest possible form. as an example, I’m watching a tree stem. If I put two little people thereon stem sitting next to each other talking. Instantly one among the foremost unnoticed objects of the planet becomes so attractive. it’s maybe a really fun exercise to try to do and just cannot go unnoticed. I might adore to inform you to require up the initiative and obtain this shoot finished you.

2) SAILING AWAY together with your LOVE: –

Experience pictures of your pre-wedding photoshoot within the middle of the ocean or in fresh exotic backwaters offering beautiful views while having the sunset on you, on-top of a luxury yacht that gives the right luxurious and nautical backdrop to will leave your friends and family awe-struck and provides your lifetime of memories.

3) Including Your Pets: –

Do you have pets that are an integral member of your family and well, life? Then why not highlight their cute furry faces in your pre-wedding pictures and improve their cute quotient. Featuring them in your Pre-wedding would be the favorite part for pet lovers.

4) For the Melodramatic Filmy Couple: –

Are you both a movie buff? Then why not get your pre-wedding shoot completely filmy. devour your favorite movie (Bollywood or Hollywood) and recreate it for your shoot.

5) wish to continue Picnics?

Are you the type who likes to take strolls during a park and take a basket of bread with some wine and cake to spend each day sitting on the grass and talking? Then, this is often the proper theme for you!


Are you the couple who likes to take vacations to the chilly snow-covered landscapes? Then make the glistening white snow a neighborhood of your pre-wedding shoot and enhance the sweetness of your shoot.

Are you trying to find a Wedding Photographer Reykjavik? At studio Zanetti, we provide professional wedding photography services. Contact for creative portrait & wedding photography.


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