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What are the different tricks for apple pie

Apple desserts are almost endless: apple crumble, apple pie, apple muffins, apple pies with puff pastry and so on, to name a huge number of creations. We will deal with the classic recipe and give you the tricks to prepare a perfect grandmother’s apple pie, the tall and soft one, rich in apples both inside and on the surface. Excellent for breakfast, a snack, or to survive insomnia, it is easy to prepare, and with our advice, the result will be amazing.

How to Choose Apples for the Perfect Apple Pie

The first ingredient in this amazing dessert could only be apples, so choosing the right apples is the first perfect apple pie trick. You might think that choosing the right apples makes dessert taste better, but that’s not the case. It is better to opt for a firm, tart-tasting fruits that retain some texture when cooked and do not release liquid. Another fundamental step is to submerge the apples, once cut, in acidulated water with lemon. This will prevent oxidation and therefore blackening, keeping them light in colour during cooking. One last piece of advice: add the apples directly to the dough and lightly flour them so they don’t end up on the cooking cake.

The perfect apple pie crust

When one imagines an apple pie, a tall, soft pie appears before the eyes with a light honeycomb dough. To obtain it, it is very important to choose your ingredients well – the main protagonists of the tricks for the perfect apple pie – first of all, the eggs. These must be carefully separated at room temperature: the egg whites must be beaten until stiff and added as the last ingredient, stirring from the bottom up so that the mixture does not fall apart. You can replace part of the milk with cream to obtain a softer and lighter dessert, but be careful: you don’t have to whip it! Also, butter, usually present in Grandma’s apple pie recipe, can be substituted for oil or ricotta cheese to obtain a soft but lighter dessert.

How to cook apple pie

Chosen apples and prepare the dough. All that remains is to bake the apple pie. This is undoubtedly the most delicate step, not only because each oven has its history but also because one of the tricks to the perfect apple pie lies in the size of the baking tray. The apple pie will be low and dry if it is too big. If it is too small, it will be difficult to bake. Always follow the instructions, and before baking, ensure that the oven temperature does not exceed 200 °C. Better if you set it at 180 °C. Once baked, never open the door for the first 20 minutes, or the cake will not rise and will tend to sink in the middle.


The dessert par excellence that the matriarchs prepared for us to close a family meal with a flourish. The apple pie has years of tradition, a typical elaboration of the towns where the fruit that fell from the trees was collected. A custom that little by little has been lost due to the comfort and ease of going to the supermarket to buy food. We do not want to say that it has to be done the old-fashioned way, but we mean that part of the magic is lost if we remove our grandmother’s hand from the equation. Therefore, we will teach you an apple pie recipe to cook in 45 minutes that will remind you of your grandmother.

Ingredients for the apple cake.

You either love it or hate it. There is no halfway point with this cake that has years of tradition and is a true delicacy of our gastronomy. The ingredients that we are going to need to make this apple pie are the following: 110 grams of sugar, two apples, ground cinnamon, half a lemon, 20 grams of butter, 55 grams of flour and two eggs. You can buy all these products at your trusted supermarket. Bakes apple pie with all these ingredients. 

Cut the apple

Before we get down to work, we have to remember that this recipe is very simple and that you don’t need years of experience in the kitchen or a Michelin star to achieve a result of ten in less than an hour. So we first have to remove the skin from the two apples and cut them into slices about two or three millimetres thick. The shape will depend on the taste of each one, although the most common is to find it in the shape of a crescent.


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