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Where Are the Best Neighborhoods in Little Rock?

Little rock is an amazing city full of history and affordable living. Not only does living here offer a great work-life balance, but it also gives you the chance to be part of a growing community. Unfortunately, with how much good comes with this city, it’s hard to pick which neighborhood you should settle down in.

These are the top neighborhoods in Little Rock and why they’re great picks!

Capital View

Often rated as the top place to live, Capital View is a safe and gorgeous area with spacious properties and affordable living. Residents love how friendly their neighbors are, and the public schools are highly rated. Only 3,000 people call this neighborhood home, which means there’s still growth and expansion ahead of it! This could be a sign your property’s value could skyrocket if you buy here.  


If you’re ready for a slightly more expensive living but the best schools and stores in the city, it’s time to check out Hillcrest. This neighborhood is extremely family-friendly and offers a lot of entertainment, from restaurants and coffee shops to grocery stores and eateries.  

This is a very dense area, with over 5,000 people who call it home, but it’s worth it for all of the perks that come with it!

River Mountain

When you’re looking at Little Rock houses for sale, it’s important to stop at River Mountain!   This amazing neighborhood allows you to feel like you’re living in a tiny town instead of a neighborhood in a major city. Home to 16,000 people, locals love that they can walk their kids to school if they want to, and there’s a lot of shopping without having to drive far.  

Low crime rates and walkable neighborhoods make this a perfect neighborhood for those raising kids.  

Rock Creek

Although the schools here are slightly lower in grade than others on this list, if you’re a young professional, Rock Creek could be a great choice! This is a fun and exciting place to live, with vibrant nightlife and plenty of employment options. The housing is slightly more affordable, and there’s a great mix of new and old reconstruction to ensure you can find whatever type of property you want!

The Heights

The heights have been rated one of the friendliest neighborhoods in the city! Just under six thousand people call this neighborhood home, and the public schools here are very supportive of their students.  

This is the most expensive neighborhood on this list, and that’s the only reason it’s so far down in the options. If you have a great budget or high savings so you can lower your monthly payments, getting property in this neighborhood is nearly guaranteed to pay off handsomely! This is a great place to start a new life.  

Little Rock is a Great Place to Start Fresh

When you need a fresh start, there’s no city that’s better than Little Rock. Not only can you find any job you’re interested in, but smaller city living means this area will grow with you.  


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