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Why is Blue World famous as Pak-China Project?


Blue World City is widely known to be a Pak-China project housing project. It is so because the giant housing venture is initiated, propelled & developed by the ever-promising & globally Known Blue Group of Companies. But the aspect of BGC collaborating with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering, China, is why Blue World City is also referred to as a Pak-China Project. Moreover, it is also the reason why society is widely known not only in Pakistan but worldwide too.

It is also the first-ever housing venture in Pakistan, collaborating with such a gigantic Chinese firm, making it even more trail-blazing. Apart from that, several other facets, such as Blue World City payment plan, prime location, top-tier master plan & much more, drive an immense amount of investors’ attention to society. Moreover, Blue World City is also the top society because it truly brings the world-over acknowledged lifestyle to Pakistan.

Blue World City

Blue World City is one of the gigantic, massive & simply promising housing names in the real estate of Pakistan. Located on the main Chakri road, an exceedingly main & key area in the twin cities & developed by the ever-giant firm, BGC, the society is one to look out for. Since Blue World City is set & now run by Blue Group of Companies, the investors have an even intensified expectation level. Therefore, BGC has delivered impeccably & accordingly.

In addition, Blue World City as a society is gaining a sheer amount of hype & proving to be exceptionally successful because of the top-tier & untarnished features & facets. Thoroughly approved by Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), the society is surely taking the living standards up a notch. Moreover, the presence of Chinese investors in the project is also a huge assurance of how secure, massive & high-end the venture will be.

Blue Group of Companies

As mentioned above, the housing venture of Blue World City is developed by Blue Group of Companies. The company has been in the real estate industry of Pakistan for more than two decades now, offering infinite services, completing several housing projects to having a strong presence in multiple niches. The company that began back in 1998 started provides some of these services;

  • Real estate architectural Guidance
  • Architectural designs
  • Clothing Line
  • Top-Notch Marketing
  • IT Assistance
  • Printing
  • Retail Sector

Blue World City- a Pak-Chine Project

There are multiple reasons why Blue World City is widely famous as the Pak-China project housing project. The major is Shan Jian Municipal Engineering, China’s massive collaboration with Blue Group of Companies. Moreover, we list some more reasons why it is famously called a Pak-China Project.

Chinese Architecture Influence

Blue World City will acquire a huge amount of influence on Chinese architecture. It is so because there will be a huge amount of modern Chinese technology in use for both the development & complete execution process. Furthermore, it is also true that the architecture of Chinese cities is at-par & impeccable, making them famous. Therefore, Blue World City will also inspire by it.

CPEC Route

Another reason why Blue World City is also famous as a Pak-China project is because the housing venture is exceedingly close to the CPEC route. The latter project is proudly owned & developed by the Chinese to take the relationship between the two brotherly countries (Pakistan & China) to the next level. In addition, the MOU signed by BGC with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering, China, for Blue World City Islamabad will give birth to infinite commercial & residential opportunities.

Chinese Residents

The Pak-China project is also likely to have a coliseum of Chinese residents in the society because of the sheer collaboration, giving them at-par living spaces to the foreigners. Moreover, it is also true that a separate zone will be built for them, having a distinctive way of booking. Apart from that, society will also have an influx of jobs, career opportunities & professional prosperity. Remember the sheer amount of brotherhood & sense of cordiality between the two countries, creating peace & harmony.


Blue World City, also known as Pak-China Project worldwide, is the first-ever collaborative housing venture between Pakistan & China. Developed by Blue Group of Companies which has signed an MOU with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering, China is surely taking the living standards up a notch & meeting the world’s pedestals. Moreover, the reason it will refer to as the Pak-China Project is that the Chinese investors will take a huge part in the development & construction of the society. All the reasonings added together, the aim is simple & it is to make the society a hub & center of commercialization & perfect residential living space. And Blue World City is living up to it as the first-ever Pak-China Project.

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