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Why You Must Install a Door Security System on Your Property?

Irrespective of where you have your office or home, you can never leave the door open. After all, thieves and unauthorized people will always try to enter. The door entry system is by far the simplest yet most reliable security system for any residential or commercial property. With this system, you can control who can enter a particular premises or room.

This type of security system can be installed in any type of building or property.

However, usually it is used in residential apartments, offices, and industrial buildings.

Different types of door entry systems

There are many different types of door entry systems. While all the systems work to guard a particular space or room, the method to allow access differs.

View here to see all the different models of door entry systems.

1. Keypad door entry system

This door entry system will have a keypad using which you can enter a password or code to enter. The password is keyed in manually. Once the password is verified, the access is granted.

2. Biometric door entry system

This type of system offers maximum security. It works by relying on physical and biological attributes like fingerprints, handprints, and retinal scans. This system is usually more expensive and used in industrial setups and offices.

  1. Proximity readers

This is the most common type of door security system and usually it is used in commercial areas. Users are granted a keycard or a tag using which they can open the door. If the person is no longer authorized to enter, their keycard or tag is deactivated.

4. Audio-visual entry system

As the name suggests, this entry system works by verifying the audio or visual of a person. These systems usually come with a buzzer, an intercom system, and a phone.

Someone inside the property will verify the identity of the person who is asking for access and finally will allow him/her to enter.

Why do you need a door entry system for your property?

There are certainly many benefits of installing a door entry system on both residential and commercial properties.

However, some of the most recognized benefits are:

1.      It helps in lowering the insurance premium

If you have installed proper security on your property, any insurance provider will lower the insurance premium.

2.      Increased security

If you don’t have the traditional lock on your door, you won’t need to take care of the keys, or constantly worry about them being stolen. In case of a door entry system, if you lose the keycard or tag, you can simply deactivate them. Furthermore, if you have a keypad lock, you can change the password as frequently as you want. In simple words, your property is secured in a much better way.

3.      Complete control over who accesses your property

If you have a big office, a proper door security system will give you complete control over which employee will access which room. Also, if there is a particular room in the house that holds your valuables, you can control who or who will not enter that room.

Furthermore, door security systems even come with timer options. This means you can lock a particular room for fixed hours of the day, and even those who are authorized to enter will be locked out for this time.

4.      Not easy to break in

It is easy to make a duplicate key of the traditional keys, but modern door security systems are hard to crack. Nevertheless, if you want to make additional keys, that can be done very easily. Also, if it is a keypad lock, all you have to do is share the password with someone you want to allow access to.

Well, there you go

Now, you know enough about the door entry system to get one for your property. So, don’t wait any longer and contact a reputed security company today.


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