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Your Guide to Merge Your Online Store With Your Brick and Mortar

Online shopping has become an essential part of people’s lives in the digital age. They can learn about a product from the comfort of their home, research the company offering it, and make a purchase. However, the accessibility of eCommerce is not always a draw for customers. The ability to see a product before them and touch and feel it is still an attractive feature that people want to experience. Here are some strategies to help you make them both work together to make your business successful.

Suggest In-Store Pickup

Offering a way for customers to enjoy the convenience of ordering their items online and picking them up in-store can give your business a competitive edge. It is an increasingly popular option for shoppers, so it is vital to implement it for your business. It eliminates the wait for shipping as they can retrieve their items immediately. It is an opportunity to get the customers into your store to do additional shopping.

Leverage Technology

It is common for businesses to use different point-of-sale (POS) systems for their offline and online stores. Integrating one retail point of sale system will reduce accounting errors and simplify tracking your sales and inventory. Setting the system up for your business does not require an IT professional. You can quickly get it up and running with a smartphone or tablet. You can engage your customers with messaging options and track your online and in-store rewards program.

Utilize Webrooming

Displayed retail items on a showroom floor is a familiar experience for most shoppers. It allows the shopper to see products portrayed in a setting that helps them understand how or why to use them. Webrooming uses the same concept for your online store. Customers can examine your merchandise online before traveling to your brick-and-mortar store to make a purchase. You can integrate them to allow your customers to purchase online or in-store.

Enhance In-Store Experience

When you have an online customer in your store to browse the merchandise or pick up an order, it will be helpful to have a knowledgeable staff present for assistance. A trained employee can accompany the customer through the store and offer advice. They can use a smartphone or a tablet to determine how much inventory your company has on a given item. It creates the ability to make a sale immediately, either from the shelf or directly from your website.

Provide In-Store Delivery Service

Offering delivery for customers who purchase in your store is an excellent way to gain customer loyalty to increase revenue. Pinpoint shoppers that are carrying around several heavy shopping bags. They may be hesitant to purchase another product because they need an extra hand to take it home. For instance, you can save a sale meant as a gift by allowing the option to send those items directly to the recipient. You can offer the same convenience shoppers enjoy from your online store with speedy delivery options.

Consider a Fulfillment Company

Storage can be challenging if you maintain a large inventory of products. Outsourcing with a fulfillment company can be advantageous if your space is limited in your brick-and-mortar store. The company can store your merchandise and ship customer purchases for you. It allows your staff to have more of a focus on customer service rather than packing orders that need shipping, which reduces the number of employee errors for delivery items.

Follow Up on Past Purchases

Marketing to acquire new customers is essential. However, it is equally important to encourage repeat business to keep your business thriving. You have an improved probability of selling to repeat customers who already have an excellent purchasing relationship with your company. You can engage with a shopper after their purchase, allowing you to upsell items you carry. You can utilize messaging tools you already have in your POS system to alert shoppers of new products and upcoming promotions.

Offer Coupons and Discounts

You can increase your in-store and online sales by featuring discounts and coupons. Consider offering a unique code on online purchases for shoppers who plan to pick up the item themselves. The same concept can apply to a customer considering an item in your physical store. You can include an offer on their receipt that allows a discount for merchandise that applies to future purchases.

You can successfully combine your online store with your brick-and-mortar location when you take advantage of these helpful strategies. When applied correctly, you will have increased customer loyalty and see a consequent growth in your revenue.


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